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20 Interesting English Language Research Paper Topics

English language is a broad subject. Before you can write a great paper, it is important to narrow your topic down. In this article, you’ll find research paper topics on English language. Use these as they are or adapt them to a topic that interests you. By choosing something interesting, it is less likely that you’ll procrastinate when researching and writing your assignment.

Research Paper Topics About English Language

Below, you’ll find 20 different ideas from dissertation writers for hire that can be used as English language topics for research paper. As you browse, try to find something that interests you. If none of these are appealing, check out other sources.

  1. Common Obstacles when Learning English as a Second Language- This paper takes a closer look at the challenges of immigrating to America.
  2. Differences in Language- Why is the English language considered one of the most complicated? Does this make it harder on people as they learn?
  3. Understanding Slang- Slang is something that exists in all languages. How does informal speech affect someone’s ability to understand a message?
  4. The Effects of Culture on Language- Slang is just one way that culture changes the rules of a language. Think about what other influences may exist.
  5. Culture and Language Development- Consider the way that a child’s language develops based on how interactive he/she is with the world around them.
  6. Barriers to Cross-Cultural Communication- Why is it difficult to communicate a message across cultures? How might it change before reaching the intended destination?
  7. Language, Culture, and Thought- Discuss the way that each of these things is interrelated.
  8. Language and Symbols- Think about words that might have a significant meaning tied to them.
  9. Lost in Translation- Do you think messages are often lost when they are translated from another language? What obstacles must translators overcome?
  10. Mixed Messages- Analyze a translated document like the Bible. Could some messages be misconstrued because of a misunderstanding in what the original writer meant?
  11. Impact of Cell Phones on Language- Has texting and instant messaging made it harder for students to use proper grammar when writing?
  12. Written Etiquette- How does writing change language? Does it matter if you are at work or in your social circle?
  13. Plagiarism and the Internet- Has the Internet made it easier or harder to copy someone else’s work? What about ideas?
  14. The Evolution of Language- Choose two time periods and analyze their language. What are some similarities and differences?
  15. Who Chooses Language- Consider how words were chosen for language and adapted over time.
  16. Controversies Over Speech- Are phrases, songs, and other cultural sayings property? Or have they been ingrained into culture so no single person can be credited?
  17. Should English Be a Requirement?- A look at learning a second language and if it is reasonable to require immigrants to master it before immigrating.
  18. Effects of Culture on Writing- Consider the themes of a piece of work and how the themes reflect current culture.
  19. Storytelling or More?- Consider political pieces like Orwell’s 1984. Did storytelling let him better communicate his message?
  20. Teaching English- Is it easy or hard to teach English? What obstacles exist?

Example Topic: English as a Second Language

Regardless of where you stand on immigration, it remains true that knowing the English language is important when coming to a new country. It is not uncommon for English language research paper topics to cover ideas like obstacles to learning English as a second language. An example of some websites you might visit to help get you started includes:


Whether you are using research paper topics English language, teaching students, or just trying to earn a good grade, these ideas should help. By learning how to research and write on any of these topics, you are improving your mastery of English writing as a whole.

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