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Top 23 Possible High School Research Paper Topics

High school students have to be calibrated with such research topics which they may find feasible and convenient. You cannot burden them with such topics that they cannot methodize or critically analyze. After all, they are rather immature and have neither seen much of life nor of academia.

Strategic and relevant

You should invest good enough time in factoring the essentials, required for polishing out topics for the high school kids. You should think of strategic and relevant topics; ones that motivate and charge them into action.

The limit of parameters

You should also keep into mind that they may not be in position to analyze and dissect extremely complicated psychosomatic topics nor find out stupendous extracts in exact science. In this, your parameters limit you largely.

A workable scope

Try and present them with topics that allow them to search and improvise in the neighborhood, if not at home. This will engender due competition among students and they will try to outwit each other and work out an excellent paper.

Here is a list of 23 instructive high school research paper topics

  1. Work out a module of energy-consciousness in your neighborhood
  2. Explain the mindset of bullies; are they the victim of their own doings?
  3. Find out the materials which can be turned magnetic with some recourse
  4. Explain the eventual potential of a mono-zygotic seeds
  5. Should there be censorship in movies and to what extent?
  6. The impact of patriarchal system on daily life
  7. Should kids be weaned off from indoor games for their health benefit?
  8. Are today’s kids more ergonomically developed than kids of yore?
  9. Explain the potential of carbon atoms and how can they be further shaped into other compounds?
  10. Critically evaluate ‘The Scarlet letter’, a book by Nathaniel Hawthorne
  11. Explain the socio-economic impact on people by Industrial Revolution of the 19th century
  12. Create an acute soil mix which is more productive than alluvial soil
  13. Call center employees; societal take on women working in these factions
  14. Explain the mindset of a hardened criminal a month before he is scheduled to be executed
  15. Create a Utopian educational model which others can identify with and work on
  16. Is the skyscraper mentality actually constricting the view of people?
  17. Is it immoral to be egotist?
  18. Should one believe more in friends than in family?
  19. Impact on teenagers who somehow become pregnant
  20. Should pornography be banned to dissuade kids from these standards?
  21. Should the world adopt a single global currency?
  22. The story behind the laughing faces of jokers
  23. The history of violence; from Medieval World to Current World

You can use these topics as an idea or a great starting point when writing your paper. Even if you are going to buy research paper online at professional writing service, having a topic prepared would be an advantage.