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What You Need To Know To Write An Awesome Research Paper On Shakespeare

In a student’s lifetime, they are likely to write at least one research paper on William Shakespeare. Most students will write several, as Shakespeare is considered one of the great writers and teachers commonly use his work in teaching. Before you sit down to get started, it can be helpful to prepare the right way. Follow this guide to be sure you are ready to produce an awesome writing assignment.

Do the Reading

This might seem like an obvious step. Though Shakespeare is only one writer, he had several themes present through his books. Each story is unique. For students who don’t have time to get the reading done, it can be helpful to look for a sample paper on Shakespeare. There are also many sites online that help students understand reading. It might point out literary devices or themes that are used as well, which can be very useful in your research.

Choose a Topic for Your Research Paper About Shakespeare

Constructing papers on an author often requires close evaluation of their work. Start by defaulting to your teacher’s grading rubric. The purpose of a rubric is to give an idea of the criteria, so you can perform well. As you consider the topic, know what your teacher is requesting. You will not get good marks on a piece discussing Shakespeare’s life—unless that is the assignment. It is more common for literary techniques and themes to be discussed. Often, students analyze one or more plays for an idea of Shakespeare’s unique writing perspective.

Be Familiar with Themes

Unless you are writing a paper on William Shakespeare life, you will need to be familiar with themes presented in his work. Writing themes are main ideas that are present in a play, book, or other piece of writing. You may notice themes in the way a character interact with another or as a major subplot in the book. Here are a few examples of themes in Shakespeare’s writing:

  • Order and Disorder- Many of his plays begin with a sense of order. As the plot unfolds, so does the chaos. This theme is present in many Shakespearian works.
  • Good and Evil- The ideas of good and evil were changing during Contemporary times when Shakespeare lived. His plays reflect and question these changes.
  • Transformation- This is a common theme in many pieces of writing, as it is not uncommon for the main character to go through many changes in their lives.
  • Betrayal- Romeo & Juliet are one example of betrayal, as both Romeo and Juliet betray their families for love. Julius Caesar has a major theme of betrayal.
  • Appearance and Reality- This is the idea that things are not always as they seem. This is a common idea through various plays.

Check Out Other Works

Completing a research paper on Shakespeare is not always as simple as completing the assigned reading. It is not uncommon for teachers to have students choose 2-3 plays to read. Then, they might compare the readings in a literary analysis or try to find common themes between each one. It is also not uncommon for papers about Shakespeare to be compared against other plays or writers. What is it that makes Shakespeare’s work so great?

Students who wish to construct a research paper on William Shakespeare that earns a high grade should follow the list. The hardest part about completing writing assignments is knowing where to start. With these handy guidelines, you’ll find yourself ready to tackle any book report or reading assignment—from Shakespeare to other great writers. Don't forget that you can purchase research paper online.