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How to Select a Research Paper Topic: Tips & Examples

Do you know that coming by a topic is one of the most challenging aspects when writing a research paper? It is mostly thought that the writing process is the biggest challenge, but how do you write without a topic? 

Most students encounter various challenges ranging from inexperience, limited skills, and creativity when coming with a research topic. It mostly becomes a disincentive even before the writing, forcing some students to give up. How do you overcome this? In this piece, we will take you through how to choose a topic and offer some examples.

How to Choose a Research Paper Topic

  1. Something the interest you

Students mostly come out with compelling research papers when they have a personal interest in the selected topic. In such circumstances, you wouldn’t need any extra motivation to get the work done. You become committed to it and can do in-depth research to get the required information for it. Therefore when selecting a topic, make a list of topics that interest you; narrow them down to how achievable they are and the availability of literature and date. You can then select the most viable for your project.

  1. Availability of materials

Selecting a topic you are interested in is not enough when writing a research paper. It should also have enough literature and materials to review for your work. A subject with limited research materials means you would have to put in extra effort to obtain data and statistics. However, you can get such information from books, scientific journals, websites, and publications when you go for a topic with enough resource materials.

  1. Its relevance

How relevant is the topic you want to write on? Does it have any academic, social, industrial, or professional significance? If yes, you can go on with it, but reconsider it if the answer is negative.

  1. Follow guidelines

Every university or department has its own requirements and instructions to follow when choosing a topic. You need to be familiar with your department’s or teacher’s instruction and go strictly by it. After selecting a topic, confirm it with your teacher before writing it.

Topic Examples

College Research Paper Topics

  1. The decoupling of the state and church, the adverse effects
  2. Teenagers abuse of alcohol and drugs
  3. The rising spate of suicide among college students
  4. The rise in teenage pregnancy among college girls

High School Research Paper Topics

  1. Reinstating corporal punishment
  2. Placement by age vs. placement by skills
  3. Bullying among students in schools in the US
  4. Why students with disabilities should not study with their healthy counterparts

Psychology Topics for College Students

  1. Child obesity and eating disorder in the US
  2. Working out at the workplace to reduce the level of stress
  3. How can a patient family help deal with schizophrenia?
  4. Common sleep disorders and how to deal with them

Science Topics

  1. Nuclear energy: The opportunities and threats
  2. How nurses can save preterm babies
  3. How breastfeeding improve an infant’s health?

Business Topics

  1. Building a strong relationship with staff
  2. Small business & taxes
  3. Benefits ofinvesting company’s assets into charity