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Writing a Research Paper

A research paper is a very crucial assignment in any learning institution. It is what instructors use to gauge students' ability to interpret subjects and present their information composition, research, ideas, and thoughts clearly and concisely. Research is not about summarizing topics and giving a brief overview, as many people may think. However, it involves a lot of reliance on several resources and knowledge of the subject matter and displaying them with scholarly and external sources. 

In the course of campus academic life, students end up writing several research papers. In most cases, students have the freedom to choose their topic of choice. However, the instructors often restrict their choices to specific specification areas such as substance abuse, crime, justice, law, white and blue-collar jobs, security, cyber-crime, environment, and business. Such fields are common to students, and they are things and phenomena they interact with it in their daily lives. So, to write a good research paper, you should follow the steps below.

Understand the assignment 

You may find it obvious, but it is an area most students fail. You need to understand in-depth detail of what you need to do and which steps you need to take. It will help you stay within the scope and not miss anything in the requirements.

Pick a topic

The topic is what will guide you in what to write and where to research. It will also dictate how long your research paper will be. You must ensure you pick a topic that allows you to hit your word count and one that is not too rigid or broad. It is usually a difficult decision to make, but with a few tricks, it becomes straightforward.


The research section is the most time and energy-consuming part of the paper. It involves reading a lot of literature and using different resources to get the data you are looking for. There are different research methods, and your topic should guide you on the appropriate method to pick.

  • Organize your research

After you have gathered all the information required, you need to organize them in a logical order that will make sense to any reader. Depending on the assignment requirements, you can include features such as the bibliography. It helps you easily identify the different resources you found. 

  • Form a thesis

Now that you have all the information in a well-organized manner, you can now start making the necessary interpretation and analysis to come up with your thesis. It is the point where you present your assertions, arguments, and opinions articulately. 

  • Create an outline

The outline will depend on what your assignment requirement state. An outline is essential in structuring your research paper. It is critical to be aware of the message you are trying to pass through to develop the outline. It should make it easy for the reader to understand the research and thesis in a clear way.

  • Write

The next step is putting all the information you have on paper. The writing part should come after gathering and analyzing all the information. It helps you have a flow of ideas without a break, and you can easily refer to your finding if you need to. 

  • Edit and proofread

After writing, you need to ensure that your paper is grammatically correct and conform to the required academic standards. This part also helps you ensure that your research is within the scope and meets the required word count. If it is too much, you can reduce, and if it is less, you can add more. 


You should not present a research paper as a summary of other work. You need to write some original work from your research and reference it to other sources. It is a time-consuming task, and if you do not have the right procedure, you might mess up big time.